Wandsworth Planning Performance Agreement

A Planning Performance Agreement (ECA) is a voluntary agreement between the local planning authority and a potential candidate to provide a project management framework for the processing of a development proposal, from the pre-application phase to the decision. If necessary or if you wish, we will contact you to make an appointment. Please note that due to current circumstances, a service telephony service is not available. Please note that any meeting booked is subject to availability or subject to change. A comprehensive AAA is suitable for pre-application advice in the initial project design phases and where a comprehensive and collaborative approach is appropriate, for example. B strategic development, more sensitive sites or complex proposals. We offer a compressed and complete DPA service. A compressed PPA is suitable for pre-application advice for relatively advanced proposals, less sensitive sites, or those where potential problems are reasonably well known. For a more detailed response, you must use the Commission`s application form to make a formal request for an opinion before the request is made and pay the correct fee. .