New Microsoft Privacy Agreement 2019

Bing Search Services, as defined in the OST, use data such as searches, as described in the Bing section of this Privacy Policy. Many Microsoft products are intended for use by organizations such as schools and businesses. For more information, see the Enterprise and Development Products section of this Privacy Policy. If your organization gives you access to Microsoft products, your use of Microsoft products may be subject to your organization`s policies. You should address your data protection requests to your organisation`s administrator, including all requests relating to the exercise of your data protection rights. If you use social media features in Microsoft products, other users may see some of your activities on your network. For more information about social media features and other features, see the Microsoft product-specific documentation or content. Microsoft is not responsible for the privacy or security practices of our customers, which may differ from those set forth in this Privacy Policy. You can track your favorite places and the latest map searches in the map app. Your favorite places and search history are included as search suggestions. When you`re signed in to your Microsoft account, you sync your preferred locations, search history, and some app settings to other devices and services (for example. B Cortana). For more information, see the Synchronization Settings section of this privacy policy.

Personalization through a Microsoft account.