Mia Client Agreement

If your project remains inactive for 15 days from the end of the 30-day rest period (45 days in total), without significant progress, milestones, or prior agreement, our commitment expires, no refund is available and you lose all services related to this customer agreement. In principle, if you disappear for 45 days or if you delay the project for 45 days without going ahead and without communication, this contract will be terminated and no refund will be granted. “The termination clause goes further and describes exactly what happens when the project reaches the rest period, is archived and if the client remains MIA for a certain period of time. A) Creating fee agreements or order letters: If your customers are typically business customers, it may be helpful to incorporate a known-in-advance service level agreement into your order letters or fee agreements. If your customers are usually individual or family customers, preparing your order letters or fee agreements by making a provision on the frequency of follow-ups helps meet everyone`s expectations. Customers who don`t react are the most difficult customers because there`s no conflict to resolve or resolve a problem, there`s only one missing customer and no information about why – and without the right provisions of your site contract, your digital agency has no clear means of action to deal with the missing customer. In addition to the normal termination clause that allows you or your client to cancel the project at any time with a 30-day period and payment of the applicable fees, there are three termination clauses to include in your web design contract: B) Client Information: Sometimes, Managing expectations means that you must also receive all the necessary information, to make informed strategic decisions. Most practitioners collect all contact information from abroad, but what about relatives, life companions, or foreign agents with whom you can reach if the foreign nation becomes an MIA? Will your foreigner travel internationally and not be available? Are they in a remote location where the internet or phone connection is limited? If so, for whom will it last? If you know in advance that your client may be a hard-to-reach client and you get a realistic timeline from them, you can adjust your treatment schedule appropriately. Neither party shall be liable to the other for failing to comply with any obligation resulting from an agreement resulting from an event that is not under the control of that party, including, but not limited to, cases of force majeure, terrorism, war, political uprising, insurrection, riots, riots, civil or military authority, insurrection, earthquakes, floods or other natural or man-made contingencies beyond our control. which is the cause of the termination of a contract or contract concluded or which was reasonably foreseeable. Any party involved in such an event shall immediately inform the other party and shall do everything in its power to comply with the terms of an agreement. From the client`s lack of a deadline to third-party onboarding issues, there are all sorts of reasons why a digital agency can be delayed by projects. But above all, there is one that makes agencies crazier than anyone else – a client who does not react.

These terms and conditions are part of the agreement between the customer and us. Your access to this site and/or the execution of a reservation or agreement shows your understanding, consent and acceptance of the disclaimer and the full terms and conditions of sale contained therein….