Hold Harmless Agreement Scouts Canada

Scouts Canada distinguishes between two types of scenarios in which it is necessary to sign declarations of waiver, harmless or reciprocal compensation agreements (also called waivers). If you are asked to sign a declaration of waiver, compensation or a risk-free agreement to visit a venue or participate in an adventure: [1] Individual Release and No Damage Agreement[2] Volunteer Verification Procedure[3] scouts.ca/councils/national-directory.html Welcome Forms – Contains links to all official forms and Scouts Canada articles about them. This page provides access to all forms available on the Scout Canada website. They are in alphabetical order. We need a Hold Harmless (Organizational) and a certificate of insurance called Scouts Canada. The Cadets website has the option to provide a certificate containing the full address information mentioned below. In all these cases, if you are considering an activity: 1. Parents/legal guardians of young people of the majority must sign an individual agreement of exemption and absence of damages[1] before their child participates in a Scouting activity, unless the adolescent participates in a maximum of two activities while opting for membership. Youth Photo Sharing Form – Use this form if you want to take photos for use on your local website, in publications or for submissions to Leader magazine.

5. Groups submit individual sharing and maintenance agreements with the group activity report to the Scouts Canada Service Center[3], which supports the group. Youth Registration Form – Use this form for youth registration. We have a completed copy of Form SG.4 available. We work to become a recognized camp for minimizing your paperwork. Scouts Canada allows non-members to participate in Scouting activities to help them decide if they wish to join. Their parents are expected to be responsible for them while they decide. In exceptional cases, Scouts take their youngest children to Scout activities. We expect Scouts to be responsible for their children.

Scholarships – Learn more about the Reginald K. Groome Memorial Fellowship for Young Members. Uncontrolled when printing: when printing, it is not possible to guarantee that the document contains the current information and it should be used with caution. This document is marked “uncontrolled” and the user is responsible for determining whether the current version is active. The most recent version is available on Scouts Canada BP&P on Scouts.ca. 3. Parents are responsible for supervising their children, with the exception of young people who participate in two activities, while deciding whether they wish to join Scouting. Adult Membership Application – contains Volunteer Screening Checklist Passport for Adult Volunteers – This is a personal manual for you as a leader to track your own progress through your years of scouting….