Cwu Internship Learning Agreement

You must write a final (reflective) report on the co-op`s work experience. This is a comprehensive report, not a brief overview of your daily obligations and responsibilities. A guide of two pages per loan up to 20 pages is suitable for an in-depth reflection report. Please respond to as many of the topics listed as possible and to all others that are asked by your faculty advisor. This overview offers observations and reactions that you can feel in your work and in the environment in which you work and live. They must refer to it daily throughout the work period. The elements to be included in the final (reflective) report are:1. Learning Objectives: Discuss each of your learning objectives and learning activities using the following structure (add all the data you want). Faculty and site managers authorize internships via a messaging link sent by handshake: the paper version of the internship apprenticeship agreement is still available. To complete the international learning agreement in the form of a PDF form; Download the form, fill it out, and then send an email to The Faculty Co-op Advisor may need a daily journal or a weekly protocol of the activities and skills you have developed. The Journal/Journal should focus on what you`ve learned, not just a recitation of everyday trivial tasks.

Every day, you need to ask yourself the following question: your learning goals, activities and progress are tracked and evaluated by your Faculty Co-op advisor in order to provide you with an effective learning experience. At the end of the cooperative work experience, the grade S or U is awarded. This form has two purposes: (1) It is an agreement between the student, the employer/tutor and the university. The form provides each party with the information they need to confirm an effective co-op experience that deserves academic recognition. 2. It must be submitted to Career Services for final approval and enrolment of the student in work-study. The apprenticeship agreement is a formal agreement (similar to a contract) between the employer, the university and the student. A poor quality or incomplete learning agreement is returned for review before being approved. Career Services has the learning agreement available online….