Tcrc Cty Collective Agreement

MONTREAL, November 21, 2019 — We want to brief on CN`s collective bargaining with the Canadian Teamsters Railway Conference (TCRC-CTY), which represents approximately 3,200 CN employees, who work as train drivers and rail coordinators in Canada. “We are pleased to have concluded these agreements,” said JJ Ruest, CEO of Canadian National (CN), in a statement late Friday. CN did not contain details of the collective agreement. Canadian National (NYSE: CNI) and members of the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) voted to ratify a new three-year collective agreement, according to the groups. One of the provisions of the agreement calls on CN to abandon the TCRC`s “work now-grieve-later” policy. Instead of appointing employees to work beyond a 10-hour limit, employees can now book rest periods, the TCRC says. According to the Teamsters, the new collective agreement, which runs until July 22, 2022, addresses safety issues, with a particular focus on crew fatigue and work schedules. But the Canadian government will have to address rail industry fatigue in the future, said TCRC President Lyndon Isaak. For the past few months, CN has been working with TCRC-CTY on a new collective agreement.

Despite our best efforts, union management rejected our offers and launched a strike that edsa for our employees, our customers and the Canadian economy. We have proposed to put our arguments to a neutral arbitrator to put an end to this dispute and we hope that the union will be prepared to do the same. By binding arbitration, a neutral arbitrator would hear our positions and make a decision. Negotiations continue with the help of the mediators appointed by the Confederation and we continue to work for cooperation with the union and mediators to reach a fair agreement for all parties. We have also taken appropriate steps to end the economic benefits by offering binding arbitration with a neutral arbitrator, elected by the parties or appointed by the federal government. In addition, we have proposed to continue negotiations until 1 April 2020 in order to have more time to reach an agreement. Unfortunately, TCRC-CTY management rejected these offers. At the beginning of the year, CN entered into 11 agreements with unions representing approximately 7,000 union members.