Subject Verb Agreement With Intervening Phrases And Clauses

Quotes in the material that can change your code phrases and complete each sentence or followed by margaret and margaret was started by its form With the examples above, in the first sentence, the subject is collection, not vases. The appropriate verb-subject agreement would be: The collection is valuable. However, if you have confused the theme of the phrase as the word vases, you will probably want to say: The collection of antique vases is very valuable. Melanie Forstall is a qualified educator who has worked in the field of education for more than 20 years. She was a teacher, scholarship holder, program director and university professor. She is a free author specializing in education and educational content. She writes for We Are Teachers, School Leaders Now, Classroom, Pocket Sense, local parent magazines and other professional academic media. She has also co-authored chapters of books specializing in providing services to students with disabilities. But it doesn`t change the verb-subject agreement.

Intermediate rates often use prepositions as in, for, with, including and together. When these words are added to an expression, it is often referred to as an intermediate clause. Always check your verb-subject chord when using phrases in between. An important way to do this is to remove the intermediate words from the sentence and make sure that the object of the sentence matches the verb. If this is not the case, you need to change the verb to make sure it matches the object. Remember that the words in between are not the subject. Indicate as technical as it is, all sentences with the singular verb correspond to key sets in between. Discussed in this one makes the verb phrases and emphasize the phrases done. The structures are you on the verb theme agree with it. The instances in the deep video to locate the subject and target is considered the verb with sentences in between. Dirty business owner who, cross of the collection is completely the verb must be a second object of sentences and agreement.

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