Filing For Child Support Without Custody Agreement

Those responsible are the non-free parent, both biological parents and sometimes a non-biological parent who assumes responsibility for long-term education. You don`t need to be married to be responsible for paying child benefit and your spouse`s divorce won`t automatically leave you. If you are the biological parent, you must pay your share of child care. Custody and visitation issues are generally decided in the state in which the child has lived for 6 months or since birth, if the child is less than 6 months old. There are a few exceptions to this general rule. If you are unsure of the status in which you should submit, you will be encouraged to consult a lawyer. Information can be found here at Lawyers – Legal Help. If I have shared custody, doesn`t that mean I don`t have to pay for daycare? If the other party disagrees, you can file an application for an ex-Party to continue the hearing (on the Divers Forms page) which is your request to the judge to change the date. As a general rule, judges do not grant them without good reason. If you are unable to attend a hearing personally, you can instead appear by phone. Before the hearing, enter a request for a court appearance by telephone (on the Forms page) and provide the telephone number you are reachable at the time of the hearing. Do both parents have to pay the child`s university fees? The deposit fee for a paternity claim is $115.00 (including an additional $15.00).

When people are married, judges do not deal with custody matters unless it is divorce, nullity or separate support. Divorce and annulment end marriage, not separation. In most cases, in-laws are not financially responsible for the payment of family allowances due by their spouses. Their income is also not included in child care calculations. As a general rule, the law requires that the person who pays family allowances continue to pay these payments until one of the following circumstances applies: If you move, you must update your address with the court by submitting a change of address form (you can find it on the Various Forms page). If the other party has been postponed and has not updated its address with the court, the court expects that you will serve the other party at the address that the court has for the account of the party, plus all other addresses where you think the person can be found.