Bring Back Into Agreement

(a) within 12 months of the entry into force date of the WTO agreement, informs the Services Trade Council of its existing recognition measures and indicates whether these measures are based on agreements or arrangements of the type covered in paragraph 1; 2. Each member, at the request of another member, engages in consultations to eliminate the practices covered by paragraph 1. The member in question fully considers this request and cooperates by providing non-confidential information that is publicly available and relevant to the issue in question. The member in question provides additional information to the requesting member, subject to his domestic law and the conclusion of a satisfactory agreement on the respect of his confidentiality by the requesting member. b) Members who are parties to an agreement under paragraph 1, which is implemented on a timetable, regularly report to the Services Trade Council on its implementation. The Council may set up a working group to review these reports if it believes that such a working group is necessary. 4. If, after the date of the WTO agreement, a member grants monopoly rights to the provision of services under its specific obligations, that member informs the Services Trade Council no later than three months before the planned application of monopoly rights and the provisions of Article XXI, paragraphs 2, 3 and 4. 4. Any agreement in paragraph 1 is intended to facilitate exchanges between the parties and, with respect to a member outside the agreement, barriers to trade in services within the relevant sectors or sub-sectors have not been raised to the level of level applicable prior to such an agreement. 1. Multilateral negotiations are under way on the issue of emergency aid measures on the basis of the principle of non-discrimination. The results of these negotiations come into force no later than three years after the WTO agreement enters into force.

2. Members of developed countries and, where possible, other members establish points of contact within two years of the date of the WTO agreement`s entry into force in order to facilitate access by service providers in developing countries to information on their respective markets, which relate to: 1. Each member publishes without delay and , except in an emergency, no later than the date it comes into force. , any measures of general application regarding or affecting the application of this agreement.