Auto Service Level Agreement

You`ll find a service level agreement model in the IPWEA Plant – Vehicle Management Manual Edition 3. Understanding the level of service is important for managing the fleet`s resource lifecycle, as well as for other assets. They determine the types of assets made available, how often they are retained, when assets are sanitized or replaced, and how assets are divested. 5 page 5 out of 24. City Transit Services Service Level Agreement Sample Comfort System Exterior Body and Components Tires and Wheels Access Doors Engine and Oil Filter Ball Joints/ Steering/ Drive Line (Lubricate). Battery Cooling System Purifiers / Sheaths/ Sheasses/ Wiring Under Hood / Exhaust System Fluids Replacement Wheelchair And Accessories License plates / Registration / Manual Operators Manual Brakes Operating Rolls / Control Waves Shocks/Differential Springs Differential engines Tune-up Alternator and Air conditioning filters Check A-1 Automotive must be certified in wheelchair elevators and fastening devices to perform sufficient inspections in these areas. If A-1 Automotive is not certified in these areas, training is provided to obtain certification. Financials City Transit Services undertakes to transfer A-1 Automotive for services of > < annual. 10 Outstanding Performance Requirements for the life of this agreement.

If A-1 Automotive is unable to provide appropriate maintenance services or after the expiry or termination of this contract, A-1. Automotive provides City Transit Transport Services with the following information: All the information necessary for Transport City services to perform such a maintenance service, including vehicle maintenance services. Service Level Agreement Sample 7/20/2010. Page 9 of 24. City Transit Services Service Level Agreement Sample All information identified by A-1 Automotive as proprietary information is treated confidentially by City Transit Services, unless disclosure to a third party is required for Transport City services to continue the maintenance service. The Roles and Responsibilities Project Manager City Transit Service project manager works with A-1 Automotive to define service level requirements and requirements.